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from a disgruntled u.s. serviceman. the taliban has used heat- seeking missels according to the documents. others say they helped insurgents in afghanistan while accepting billions of dollars in u.s. aid. the information endangers american lives. >>> president obama will appear on abc's the view on thursday. the interview will touch on topics including his administration's accomplishments, jobs, the economy, and the oil spill. the president last appear aide on the program back in march of 2008 while he was still a u.s. senator. he also was a featured guest in 2004 when promoting his book dreams from my father, a story of race and inheritance. his appearance is part of the show's red, white, and view campaign, which features political guests and discussions. you can catch the view every day at 11 here on abc 2. >>> a consumer alert. a warning for participants. it's used to calm a fussy baby. now it's being recalled. >>> violent incidents on college campuses are a concern for all of us. see how one local college is getting their security personnel ready for the start of th
the worst oil spill in u.s. history on the salt white sand of the florida panhandle, tourism dwindled to a third of usual. >> got here yesterday and it's beautiful. it's a relief that it's open. yesterday it was closed, but we are enjoying it. >> the story is the same for tourism around the gulf of mexico. >> we were relieved. all you hear is bad things. thought we would come and see something disgusting. >> half a world away, a grim warning for the gulf. 50 years of drilling and spills have left a legacy of oil. enough to coat your legs, leaving dead marshes. dead fish, unemployed fishermen and hungry children. >> my life is not okay because of the environment. >> in the gulf, there's no relief. stiff winds and choppy seas sidelined skimming boats. the world's largest skimmer ends two dais of tests inconclusively. the ship so big it dwor fs the titanic was not big enough to overcome high waves. there will be more tests tomorrow. bp's tab for that oil spill is now $3 billion. that's a billion a month. $33million a day. and every day, another million gallons of oil pours into the
-year-old served a half century in the u.s. senate. today's service and burial were the culmination of a entire week of memorials. >>> you could soon be paying for more stamps. u.s. post office wants to increase the price of a stamp by 2 cents to 46 cents. now it's been dodged by massive losses and declining mail volume and faces a financial crisis the proposed price increases would average about 5% and cover first class, advertising mail, periodicals, packages and other services. the request now goes to the independent postal rate commission. >>> well, today a harford county elementary school prepared for the worst, a violent attack on school grounds. an emergency preparedness drill was held at deerfield elementary school in edgewood. the drill included two scenarios, a masked gunman storming the school and armed men taking hostages at the school. each scenario is designed to take place when school is in session and involves a lockdown, evacuation procedure and injuries. >> we have a bunch of volunteers working for us today. we have teachers, we have students, parents, that have al
with simultaneous taken just blasts at two sites in uganda's capital, including a church site, where u.s. missionaries received injuries. the most seriously injured, 16- year-old emily kerr stadder from el cut city. >> we're getting mixed stories, i'm not sure about emily, they are getting ready to medivac her to johansberg where they'll do further testing and we'll get a better prognosis. she obviously had some injury from the blast and grandmother broke an arm, which they have taken care of, so that she can travel with emily to johansberg. >> reporter: she had accompanied her grandmother, joanne and other members of the christ united methodist church in pennsylvania to help members of an adopted church in come pal a. >> as sad as it is in our world the reality is this can happen anywhere and at any time. >> reporter: emily attends the mount desails academy in catonsville and we're told it was her friends here who helped her to raise $4,000 for her charitable mission to africa. they say the teen and her grandmother called home last week asking to extend their stay until this week saying
job was a special project's manager for the u.s. chamber of commerce. she has had two unsuccessful runs for office in montgomery county but she's well-known in the area. montgomery county is a key county in the race for government. roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. >>> governor o'malley will be awarded america's greatest educationer aware this weekend. national education association is praising o'malley for not making cuts. he got an early endorsment last on the. >>> the democratic race for harford county senate seat is heating up 24-hours after former senator filed to run for office. his challenger filed a formal complaint with the state board of elections today challenging the candidacy. washington claims he doesn't live in the district. >> anybody at any level can file for an office and pose to be somebody else in your home is not fair to the people who have to vote for you. if you misrepresent yourself to the people you'll misrepresent them in annapolis. >> i have owned property in this district over 40 consecutive years. it is not close call. >> we'll take a look at the two homes
advertising in that was created in 2006. when ten major u.s. food companies promised to devote at least half of their child tarted advertising to healthier products. such as lower sodium and campbell soup. along with information about good eating habits and exercise. and now, researchers of illinois, they have examined data in order to evaluate the affects of advertising before and after the initiative. and they found between 2003 and 2007 that exposure to ads for sweets and soft drinks, they decreased by 41%. in 2 to the 5-year-olds. almost 6 to 11-year-olds and 20% in the teenagers. but the exposure to the fast food ads, they increased almost 5% among the youngest group in that time. obesity rates in the young people, they have steadily increased in recent years. they believe that it is important to continue monitoring the tv food addicts and the exposure. in order to decrease the promotion of the unhealthy foods. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> they are endangering the disappearance. how they are working to save them. that's coming up at 5:30. they will start if many
u.s. citizens. the plane went down in cloudy and rainy weather. >>> new at 5:00, a jury has award tens and millions to nearly two dozen victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. it happened in a hotel. today, a jury returned a 33.3 million verdict against the owner and operator of pure 5. nearly million and a half each. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, better business bureau is warning about door to door magazine camps. they have received more than 600 complaints to those in maryland. in a sales pitch, they may explain they are working to help get back on track or selling some subscription to help troops overseas. most the magazine never arrived. if you want to learn more and how to ro tect yourself, log to our website, abc tv. com and click on scam alert. >>> former governor is recovering from minor back surgery. and that an old college football to his neck and back, finally caught up with him. he's recovering well? >>> baltimore waterfront had plenty of water in the interior when the pipe burst evacuated. now it's reopen for business. shuttle buses carried more attendees back to the
the room moving and heard the items rattling on the table. u.s. team 1, i haven't -- uh plane 1 writes it was like a >>> the maryland geological survey's website lists the strongest confirmed tremor in maryland was a 3.1 in hancock out in washington county. we are live in northeast baltimore where they have seen it all this week. >> reporter: well, you know, we were fortunate, i mean, as rare as that earthquake was, it was not particularly strong relative to what earthquakes can do, but, still, the reports coming in out of montgomery county, a 3.6. abc 2 was the first on the air to report that quake, but no damage out here from the quake. the hot weather has really helped things out out here. we have really stepped on the gas. 2:00 p.m. is crunch time, we have 24 hours to go. the crews are continuing to work around the clock to get this project done. the rain was a set back and today's quake could have pushed the project back even further. here's more. >> reporter: the rain is gone, but something happened this morning that could have put the project behind even further. >> we were the
like canned food and baby go . s. the study named giants like mcdonald's and grocery stores and u.s. post office xyhanded out the receipt various studies linked them to health issues including cancers and hm the legis/t'" trying to ban it from children's products. for receipts it is used to coat the thermal paper. >> it has been pregnant nated with the bpa. >> the american chemistry council says receipts contain no level and is not readily absorbed through the skin. fees were collected in d.c. and several states including maryland. >>> looking at the data the group found retail workers who handled the receipts had 30% more bpa in their bodies than other adults. >>> the environmental work group suggests the following tips to reduce your exposure. if you shall unsure about these check to see if the paper has been treated by rubbing it with a coin. the paper will become discolored from the friction. regular paper will not. >>> the baltimore orioles have hired buck show walter has the next manager. his first game as the manager will be august 3rd. orioles fired dave tremble in june and
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9